Igniting Communication – a play-based method
with Michelle Younghusband from C Kids Thrive

Note that due to time limits, Michelle had to condense her talk quite a bit, but you will still learn a lot in this 26min clip about:

1. How to understand your child’s current communication approach (even if you’ve tried everything before.
2. How to respectfully increase your child’s communication to be more effective and efficient.
3. How to ignite communication with other methods that many think prevents speaking.
4. How to become your child’s communication cheerleader by speaking less.
5. What is communication-based play?

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2 thoughts on “Igniting Communication”

  1. I’m so excited & happy to have seen this wonderful video
    It’s how we are with Ariel & to be able to hear that we are on the right path & also learn even more is fantastic
    Thank you sooo much 😊

    1. Confirmation is always really amazing – you can also go to Michelle’s website and see all the amazing things she offers. She has a FB group too – she has posted in my FB group. But I will also share the link of her FB group with you directly too 🙂

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