Don’t kill tomorrow

Don't kill tomorrow define for Lemon2Lemade © copyright
“Good morning daddy, how are you today?” is how Theo greeted his dad this morning and YOU said: “he will never talk nor learn anything“. What do you say now teacher?
What do you say now, teacher?
I’m glad that we (dad and mom) closed our ears and run away from you as fast as we could.

You might be a good teacher, but you did NOT know Theo’s tomorrows as you will never know any other child’s tomorrow’s!!

Please, never ever tell a parent never; ever! Please, never ever tell a child you can not or will not!!!
Your job as a teacher is to find the way forward and to guide, not to kill tomorrow before it had a chance!
The proud parents of Theo,
whose first words came around 4,
but another horrible teacher made them go away,
then age 7.5  he found his words slowly but surely again.
He is 11.5 now!
He did not give up in spite of  YOU and his first GradeR teacher! He simply dived into his strengths and unlocked his challenges, one by one in his own time! There is still unlocking to do, it will be done.
As we said,
of an amazing son named Theo!

6 thoughts on “Don’t kill tomorrow”

  1. Baie trots op beide van julle.
    God het jul , Willa & Andrè, gekies as ouers vir Theo.

    Deursettings vermoë en met Geloof Hoop & Liefdem

    Sterkte en Voorspoed.

    1. Dankie lief Jenny – net Genade en die seën van ‘n borrel-lag kind wat nie toelaat dat uitdaagings hom potjie nie

      dankie vir jou omgee altyd,

    1. Teaching I believe is a calling – it sure is not easy! Thankfully there are many great teachers who go beyond the extra 100 miles to find ways to help kids learn and grow. I should write a follow-up letter to thank those teachers in Theo’s and our lives because without them, we would not have journey this far already 🙂 Thank you for taking a moment to read my letter Laura 🙂

    1. But hopefully we will learn to uncap learning & growth so that our kiddos can fly high in their own color skies Mandy 🙂

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