Working Memory

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Experts/Books/Organisations in general are hyperlink, so if you click on the name it should take you to the website/social media platform of the resource/reference. What can be done to improve working memory ? Know and understand that there is no quick fix nor standard box for all type of working memory solutions/therapies and that tailored …

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Society’s Porcelain Norm

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Just like precious china, society’s “norm” is formed in a kiln.  A social norm is formed in a thermally insulated chamber of preconceived typical ideas that serve as the heat needed to produce in the kiln. Not even an afterthought of atypical thinking/doing. Seems that typical thinking is to be the only workable thinking to …

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Twice Exceptional (2e) Kids

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Do you know a kid(s) who are complex, interesting, tend to be intellectually deep, incredibly creative, emotionally intense, quirky, falling through the cracks because they are misunderstood?  Yeah, the kids who don’t really fit into the gifted programs nor the special needs programs because they actually are both. They are twice exceptional or 2e for …

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